Environmental activist Daniel Bodnar was attacked with stones in a locality in Suceava on the evening of Wednesday, December 9, while he was in the car and was following a suspicious transport of wood.

Bodnar followed a truck loaded with wood to a point where the cargo was supposed to reach and where he was greeted by people who threw stones at his car, smashed its window, and the young man was injured.

Daniel Bodnar was in the area of ​​Cornu Luncii-Malini in Suceava, when he started broadcasting a video on Facebook while following two trucks with wood heading to Malini, a commune located in Suceava County.


Bodnar called 112 and notified the police that two trucks were appearing towards Malini, which seemed to be overloaded with wood. He continued the pursuit, to the gate of a sawmill in Malini, where the wooden vehicles entered.

While the activist was at the gate of the sawmill, in the car, waiting for the police, several people inside started throwing stones. One of the stones broke a car window, Daniel Bodnar being injured in the face by shards.

The incident can be watched in the video below, at 10:00:


He drove to Falticeni Hospital, before the police arrived at the scene. He was later redirected to Suceava County Hospital to determine if he has eye injuries, he writes. Monitor of Suceava.

On Wednesday night, a research team arrived at the scene of the attack, to determine what happened, who the aggressors are and if the car is on a public road.

This aggression comes a day after the car in which the activist was, along with other young people who support him, was intentionally hit in traffic.

Source: World-today-news.com 



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